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Luer Vial by GEMÜ – simpler, more versatile, more efficient

Luer Vial by GEMÜ with comprehensive benefits

GEMÜ developed the Luer Vial to serve as a beneficial, modular packaging and application system. It allows for the simplest administration of active ingredients with a longer shelf life at lower process costs. The standardized, aseptic pre-fillable Luer Vial containers ensure optimum useful life. The application-specific variable applicator makes it safer and more user-friendly. And the one-handed operation means substances can be administered with precision. Thanks to the flexible design of the spray head, the device can be used to administer active substances both orally/mucosally and intranasally. The Luer Vial can also be used for topical applications (e.g. as tissue adhesive). The standard Luer connection also allows users to dispense active substances via standard connectors and valves in bags.

Luer Vial by GEMÜ

Vials made from the perfect materials

The active substance containers (vials) are made from COC polymer. Tests in the field of "extractables and leachables" produced impressive results: The COC high-performance thermoplastic in question demonstrated exceptional barrier properties. The vials are comparable to primary packaging made from glass – with the added benefit that COC is virtually unbreakable. The material can be sterilized where necessary using a variety of procedures (EtO and gamma). COC polymers are often used in the medical industry, for example for syringes, microplates or vials and containers. The Luer Vial by GEMÜ has a capacity of 0.2–0.6 ml. The standardized and GMP-compliant filling and sealing process is carried out by existing partners. The vial is hermetically sealed with a sheet comprising different layers of COC and aluminium.

Body and sprayhead made from tried-and-tested plastics

GEMÜ produces the Luer Vial body and the standard spray head from polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) respectively. Given the very short contact time of the pharmaceutical active substances during application, residues in the system are either harmless or non-existent. GEMÜ selected the PP/PE materials on the basis of their excellent workability. At the same time, we were committed to choosing a raw material that is used routinely in the medical industry and in the administration of active substances, as with syringes, catheters or even blood sampling systems. The polymers can be sterilized up to 25 kGy.

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