Future with GEMÜ - always a smile ahead

For many years, GEMÜ has been training many of its skilled workers in Germany and Switzerland. We offer a wide range of different apprenticeships and whenever possible, we take on the apprentices as permanent employees after their successful completion.


GEMÜ Switzerland offers apprenticeships in following areas:

Automation (training period 4 years)

Commercial (E profile, training period 3 years)

Design Engineering (training period 4 years)

Plastics Technology – Injection Moulding (training period 4 years)

Logistics (training period 3 years)

Polymechanics (training period 4 years)


As a family business, we are passionate about our work. The high quality of vocational training is just as important to us as a cordial and collaborative environment. The professional future of our apprentices is of great importance to us because employees at GEMÜ are both the focus, and the success factor of the company.