Looking to the future with energy-saving measures

  • You work together with the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector (EnAW) and receive a certificate every year which testifies to your collaboration in active reduction of CO2 emissions and optimization of energy efficiency. What is the motivation behind GEMÜ Switzerland's participation in this programme?

Firstly, there are statutory requirements for the canton of Lucerne and secondly, sustainable economic activity has always been anchored in our company targets. We have therefore developed a ten-year plan together with the EnAW in order to increase energy efficiency. It is worth mentioning at this point that the site in Emmen has already been built with sustainability in mind, since responsible use of natural resources is of the utmost importance to the GEMÜ Group.

  • What objectives have been defined together with the EnAW?

The EnAW essentially specifies two metrics – energy conservation and CO2 reduction. Despite the already energy-efficient design of our building, we will save around 1,300,000 kWh of electricity by 2028. With regard to CO2 reduction, there are no specific specifications because we do not generate direct CO2 emissions. However, it is our objective to become carbon neutral in the near future.

  • What measures have already been implemented successfully to achieve this objective? 

In most rooms at the Emmen site, we have already switched to LED lights, since they use significantly less energy in comparison to the existing lighting. Furthermore, various water pumps have been replaced with newer, more efficient ones. Hydraulic injection moulding machines in particular have been replaced with full electric versions, which reduces their energy consumption by 40% whilst maintaining consistent production capacity. In figures, this means that we have already saved 130,000 kWh of energy since 2019. We are delighted that we have already been able to exceed the objectives agreed with the EnAW in the first few years.

  • You have implemented the recommended energy-saving measures faster than anticipated. Why? 

Because we specifically prioritize measures which have the greatest overall benefit. By implementing the measures for lighting, we are reducing the energy expenditure of our building, thereby achieving our set goals for saving energy. We have simultaneously improved working conditions for our employees with better lighting.  It makes us even more glad that these activities not only save energy, but also create workstations that are optimal environments for our employees.

  • What are you working on currently? 

At the moment, we are just about to complete the conversion to LED lighting, as I mentioned. In addition, we are working on commissioning a solar system with a performance of 690 kWp, which from where we stand today is set to be completed by the end of June 2021.

  • What objectives has the company set for the future on the subject of sustainability?

For the GEMÜ Group, economic, environmental and social sustainability are important basic principles for a successful company. GEMÜ Switzerland will also actively implement further measures in the future, thereby making an important contribution to the GEMÜ Group's sustainability strategy. One example here can be seen in our activities in the area of e-mobility. Since last year, we have provided an e-charging station for vehicles, which is available for visitors and employees to use free of charge. Moreover, we will shortly be installing a charging station for e-bikes. A gradual changeover in the vehicle fleet is also envisaged.